Leaf Log Maker: Waste Not, Want Not

I’ve posted before on my new paper log maker and I’m spending quite a lot of time recycling garden debris (twigs, leaves, pine cones, etc) and old newspapers into logs for the Winter. It’s part of my push towards a more self sufficient lifestyle.

It’s so hot here are the moment that I haven’t tested out the theory that they can burn for 30 minutes. I wouldn’t be surprised as the material inside them is compacted really tight.

My only problem is finding enough dry places to store the things until they’re needed in the Winter.

As you know, I decided against a wet logmaker, simply because it seemed like more hard work and mess. I’m sure they work just fine, if not better.

Leaf Log MakerThis video of the leaf log maker is a whole new take on the idea of making your own fuel – what an awesome machine!

I was amazed to hear that the logs have a burn time of two hours and can be scented (“flavours”) by adding maple or hickory to the glue – natural air fresheners!

This is a fantastic use of natural, raw materials that can be recycled and put to good use. Also, I could save a small fortune by using my leaves in this manner (I have a LOT of them!).

My leaf uses are a little more boring – I’m making leafmould (or leaf mold for US readers!).

Basically, I gather up all my leaves, shove them in black bin liners, poke in a few air holes and then leave over the Winter. By next Summer, I should have a useful soil improver for my vegetable garden.

If you want to find out more about the leaf log maker, email leaflogmaker@gmail.com.



  1. says

    What an interesting idea. I particularly like the “scenting” part. This could be a good thing if you had a wood stove and a lot of leaves. Could also be good if you did camping, although I’m not sure if the same cautions would apply re transporting to another site due to potential unwanted insects residing therein.

    I’m still very fond of my leaf mold, however. I let a bunch lay and never rake it up. The excess, I do as you do and put in bags which I perforate.


  2. Alan says

    Thanks, Yael.

    Yes, I liked the idea of being able to burn the leaf logs AND perfume the house at the same time!

    I have lots of leaves but not as many as the ‘leaf man’ so I don’t think I could justify such a large machine, or the investment.

    Like you, I’ll stick with the perforated black bag method!


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