How To Make A Compost Bin

how to make a compost bin

I’ve had a few people ask about how to make a compost bin.

I have to admit that I had my bin bought for me as a birthday present! I guess I could have made one, but why make life harder than it has to be!

Anyway, after scouring the web for an hour or so, I came up with the information below. I’ve got flu at the moment so heading outdoors is the last thing on my mind!

Hope you find the info useful.

Trash Can Compost Bin

Here are a few articles on building and making the most of a compost bin:

How To: Build a Compost Bin | Coffee Grounds to Ground

And besides, what better way to spend an afternoon than building a compost bin, which is what you’ll need to get your composting process underway. It’ll keep pests under control, give you somewhere to throw all that garden waste.

Win This NatureMill “Ultra” Compost Bin from NatureMill! Holiday

Love the design of this compost bin! Would get great use in our Brooklyn apartment and save us the daily trips on Saturdays up to the Grand Army Plaza to drop off our week’s compost!!

How To Build A Compost Bin ~ Earthly Explorations

Compost bins can be constructed out of everything from salvaged bricks & concrete blocks to old wooden pallets headed for a grinder. If you’re really serious about wanting to make a difference in the world, you can help reduce the amountĀ of waste ending up in landfills by learning how to build a compost bin and start composting your daily organic wastes.

How To Build a Compost Bin for Rotting Pumpkins Built by Kids

We’ve been wanting to build a compost bin so there is no better time than now and our pumpkins will make the perfect first ingredient for our do-it-yourself compost bin. This bin can be made with easy to find materials aerating the bin is easy as you or your kids can just place it on its side and roll it over a couple of times to mix the heap.

how to make a compost bin

I have to say that once you start composting it gets VERY addictive!

My bin is absolutely full to the brim and is breaking down nicely (I have to turn it each week) and next year it will help to enrich my vegetable garden and, hopefully, yield an even bigger and tastier crop!



  1. Thanks for your mention in the related articles! You have such rich information on here. I especially like the Go Green page. There’s still so much I have left to implement! :) Like riding my bike. And I always knew flying had to be bad for the environment, but wow. Those facts are so depressing! Suddenly the “stay-cation” seems to make a lot of sense.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment, Jennifer, and the kind words about HardToBeet – glad you like the site!

    You’re right, there is so mush more that we can all do to live a greener lifestyle and I’m only scraping the surface of what I could be doing.

    Enjoyed your site as well. Keep in touch!


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