How To Grow Cabbage

Although I don’t seem to eat a lot of cabbage, I do like it and if you’re into healthy food, it’s full of vital nutrients. The video above is intended for kids but it has some useful tips on growing cabbage indoors (something I’ve never done!).

Here’s the steps you should take:

Sowing Cabbage

  • CabbageFlatten the soil
  • Separate the seeds
  • Place seeds on the soil
  • Mark with sticks
  • Push seeds down with a pen
  • Cover with soil
  • Water
  • Cover with black plastic for 2-3 days

Growing Cabbage

  • Remove black plastic
  • Keep watering every 2-3 days
  • Week 1 – first shoots appear
  • After 3-4 weeks, thin the weakest plants
  • Support base of plant with extra soil
  • Let plants grow to full size

Harvesting Cabbage

  • Cut the base of the plant
  • Eat and enjoy!

This year, I’m growing a variety called ‘Golden Acre – Primo 11′, which is fairly easy to grow and produces medium, tight heads towards the end of the Summer or early Autumn.

This is the first time I’ve grown it and I’ll report back later on how I got on. I planted one row on the 1st May and might plant another row as they will continually crop.

You can also grow a crop of miniature cabbages by cutting the first cabbage cleanly and then cutting a cross in the top of the stump that’s  left behind. After a while, secondary growth will start to appear!

As in the video, it’s best to pile the soil up around the young stems to prevent them from breaking, especially if you have a windy vegetable garden, like I do!


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