Beetroot Benefits

Beetroot BenefitsThere seems to have been a lot of information in the press recently about beetroot health benefits and I thought it might be a useful topic to discuss, especially as the site is named after the veg and I used to hate it as a kid!

I grow it in my vegetable garden but it isn’t always a successful veg to grow in my soil.

Exeter University and William Harvey Research Institute have carried out research which links this unassuming and often much maligned vegetable to useful health benefits for everybody.

The key is the high levels of natural nitric oxide ( a combination of nitrogen and oxygen) naturally occurring in beetroot.

This is found in most living creatures and has a number of uses in the body. Nitric oxide regulates blood pressure, helps against infection, provides more stamina (through more efficient oxygen use) and is a ‘gate keeper’ of the flow of blood to some organs.

How to Make Beetroot Juice Without a Juicer

The body creates nitric oxide in the cardiovascular system. The trials by the sports and health science researchers found that half a litre of beetroot juice a day can boost endurance levels. This is due to the natural nitric oxide found in the beetroot.

The obvious benefits this brings is to professional athletes. It will mean that they will be able to give a more sustained performance.

The juice may also reduce blood pressure. So, sportsmen and women are not the only group that could benefit from this wonder veg. The elderly, whose physical capacity is obviously reducing, is one such group. Also, those with cardiovascular diseases or metabolic diseases (e.g. diabetes) could be help as well by beetroot juice.

The research is ground breaking and still goes on to ascertain all the benefits this almost forgotten vegetable has to offer.

Check out this useful site about the health benefits of drinking beetroot juice.

Long live the beetroot (I enjoy eating it now) – a very healthy food!


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